Parent Information

 As your youth goes through secondary school and beyond, they will think about their future and about career choices. As a parent, you play a key role in this process. The WorkBC Parents’ Guide helps B.C. parents support youth as they explore options and make decisions about education and career. Guardians, family members and other supporters will also find the guide valuable. You’ll discover practical ideas and resources for the youth you care about as they investigate and choose a career path. Think of yourself as a coach, providing encouragement and information. A coach acts as an ally, helping guide youth toward making their own ideas, goals and decisions a reality. The journey will provide many opportunities for your youth to learn and apply skills they’ll use throughout their life. You can help them develop these skills for life and career success. Sharing your experiences may help your youth think about their own plans. Take a few minutes to think about your own career path, your interests and passions, and how those connect to where you are now. Think back to the way you saw your future when you were a youth. Who helped you? Along any journey there are always unexpected turns. Sometimes it becomes necessary to come up with a “Plan B.” What, if anything, happened to cause you to change your plans?
Mentors for the Capstone project ( gr 10-12)
What is a mentor? A mentor is an experienced person in a field who provides knowledge and guidance to a student. Mentors offer experience, wisdom, guidance, encouragement, leadership, and a supportive relationship.
A mentor is usually an expert in the field you’re interested in. Ideally, your mentor will not be a family member, however, please talk with your Career Education teacher if there are special circumstances. Think about people you know with knowledge in your interest area such as family friends, neighbours, colleagues, coaches, teachers or professionals in your community.