Provider:​ Camosun College (online) and local restaurant
Location: Local restaurant & Isfeld Secondary School
Program start date: Semester 2 
​​Thursday labs, 12:30pm to 6:30pm
Working in a local restaurant during the week (you need to find this employment)
Cost to student: $700 texts and tools
  1. C in English 10; or C in two of Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 10, New Media 10, Spoken Language 10, English First Peoples Writing 10, English First Peoples Literary Studies 10, English First Peoples New Media 10, and English First Peoples Spoken Language 10.
  2. C+ in Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10 or a C in Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10, or Principles of Math 10.
  3. Food Safe Level 1
Recommended Classes/Experiences
Foods classes, Working in a local dining restaurant in the kitchen, Work Experience setup through the home School 
Grad Credits: 20
* This program follows the school calendar
Below is a sample timetable showing a pathway and the required courses needed between Grade 10 - 12 so a student could get into the Culinary Program for Semester 2 of their Grade 12 year.

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


English 10

Math 10

CLE 10/Elective 10

Elective 10/Elective 10


English 11

Science 11

Elective 11/CLE11
Elective 11

English 12


*Grade 11 Academic?

Elective 12

Socials 10

Science 10


Elective 10/Elective 10

Math 11

Socials 11 or 12

Elective 11
Elective 11


Culinary Program



Counts as Grade 12 Electives


* Could be done in Grade 12


  • Instruction takes place via online theory through Camosun College.  This is typically 2 hours per day and can be done at home.
  • On Thursdays, students are at Isfeld Secondary in the foods room with Tammy Williamson (Home Ec teacher). 
  • Throughout the week students complete a minimum of 20 hours per week Work Experience at a local restaurant. SD71 will help place them at these local restaurants but cannot guarantee it.


District & NIC Applications, Form and Links

If you will complete any of the following applications digitally, make sure you download and save them to your computer first before completing.  You can use the Fill & Sign feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader to sign it.

District Application - Train In Trades (Can be done at home and brought to Careers Teacher)
Student Learning Plan - Trades (Can be started at home and brought to Careers Teacher)
ITA Youth Train In Trades Application Form (To completed once accepted to program) 
Sample NIC Train In Trades Application (see school's Careers Department for actual one)
NIDES Registration - Only required if your program starts in Semester 2
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Careers Contacts

GP Vanier
Kelley Giorganni: 250-338-2110
Mark R Isfeld
Randy James: 250-334-4628
Tracey McKinney: 250-339-3617
Glacier View
Dawn Stevens: 250-338-2752