Dual Credit 101

Dual Credit 101 in SD#71
Fees: Students will have their tuition paid for by the school district for the courses that they are taking. Any additional funds required for a student to take a class or a program at the college will be the responsibility of the student and their family. For most classes there will be a textbook fee or fees. As well, some programs will have labs and there will be an additional fee for using the resources in the labs. Students will also have to pay Student Union fees and Dental and Health fees. The Dental and Health fees provide the students will benefits that they can use while in school.
Important: All students taking a dual credit course or program MUST have a transition plan in their student file before they take a course or program, or before graduation. Once they select a pathway and career they can’t change- ever. So, if a student is interested in the professional cook program for their grade 12 year make sure they don’t take a dual credit course for fun in Semester 2 of grade 11 or semester 1 of grade 12 that isn’t in the trades pathway, otherwise they will be ineligible for the cook program. AGAIN, once they choose a pathway, they can only take classes that help the student transition down that pathway.
Application Details: All students will need to complete a program or course application, Student learning plan and register through their home school before Sept 30th of each school year. Details for these can be found on the Careers website, http://careerprograms.comoxvalleyschools.ca/ under Dual Credit or Trades. They can be completed with the support of your Careers Coordinator or Careers Teacher. Once these have been completed, they will be submitted to the Careers Coordinator who will review and will submit the paperwork to North Island College and either NIDES or the home school.
Cohort: face to face class at either the college or home school where the students are from the local high schools.
Program: this is a full-time program at the college, often good to take during grade 12 or as they are graduating.
Class: this is a college class at the college or online.
Transitioning Opportunity: We offer transitioning opportunities for students. This is their chance to take college level courses and have their tuition paid for while they engage in post-secondary learning opportunities. Students are transitioning when they are in second semester of grade 11 or in grade 12 and want to try a course or program. Students may take more than one courses within the same pathway consecutively until they graduate. If they are in their second semester of grade 12 and would like to try a course or program, we can sponsor them to do this as long as they have a transition plan in their file before graduation, and apply for the program or course before or right after graduation.
Aging Out: If a student is over the age of 19 before July 1st, they are not eligible for Dual Credit or Trades support the following school year.