Dual Credit Program Opportunities 2019-2020

         Please select the Picture link below for the Career Pathway that interests you the most. Within this link you will find all programs at NIC that are available for you to explore. 


Health &Human           Tourism         


Office           Business


Fine Arts           Media


 STEM             Ab Ed


Please contact your Careers Department to set up a time to discuss a post-secondary pathway and complete your application forms. 


District and School Contacts:

If you are interested in Dual Credit please connect with the Careers Centre at your school. 

They will be able to set you up with the NIC Courses that meet your passions. 


District Dawn Anderson District Coordinator
Highlands Colin Tinga Careers Teacher
  Tracey McKinney Coordinator
Mark R. Isfeld Peter Lineger Careers Teacher
  Randy James  Coordinator
G. P. Vanier Dave Merrick Careers Teacher
  Dawn Stevens Coordinator
Glacier View Dawn Stevens Coordinator