Skills Canada

North Island Skills Canada Regional

Friday, February 21st, 2020

G.P. Vanier Secondary School



Agenda/Schedule for the day


8:30am Registration – registration is in the cafeteria.  At registration students will receive a Skills BC t-shirt.  Only those registered through Skills Canada BC and with a completed waiver form may compete.


9:00am Events begin – please be in the competition area and ready to begin. Please see your specific event registration page for instructions or modifications to this start time (some Junior Events start later).

11:30am Lunch – Pizza lunch will be delivered to the contest area (please contact Steve Claassen) if a gluten free option is needed

12:00pm – events resume after lunch

2:00pm Events End – All events will end by 2:00pm and competitors will head to the cafeteria to wait for the results.

2:30pm 3:00pm Awards


Secondary Events

Junior Events

2D Computer Animation (Secondary)

Sumo Robot (Junior Skills)

3D Computer Animation (Secondary)

VexIQ (Junior Skills)

Baking (Secondary)

Wind Turbine (Junior Skills)

Cabinetmaking (Secondary)

Potential Energy Vehicle (Junior Skills)

Carpentry (Secondary)

Gravity Car (Junior Skills)

Culinary Arts (Secondary)

 Spaghetti Bridge (Junior Skills)

Digital Art (Locally Developed)


Electronics Secondary


Graphic Design (Secondary)


Photography (Secondary)


TV/Video Production (Secondary)


Website Design (Secondary)


Welding (Secondary)



Please contact Steve Claassen for any regional event enquiries.