Jr. Robotics

Welcome to Comox Valley's Jr. Robotics 
We are in our first year of getting Jr. Robotics established. We are going to create something great that allows our intermediate and middle years students to engage in a collaborative activity that builds skills and knowledge around programming and robotics. 
This year our goal is to establish teams at our Elementary schools, build basic knowledge and skills, provide a safe place for friendships and team work.
Schools will be provided with additional robots and practice mats. Students will build their bots and start basic programming. They will then be invited to a district competition where they will practice and test their skills against other teams. This is a novice activity where no skills or previous knowledge is required. 
Here is a simple resource to get you started with programming HERE
How to Build Handbooks are provided in the bot kits. Students can follow the step by step guide in building their bots. Students should be in groups of 2-4 and work as a team to program and build.