Grade 9 Careers Lessons

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Reflecting on our preferences and skills helps us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals

SD71 Module 1 Resources:

​​Activity ​Lesson  ​Assignment ​Attachment
​Life Analogies M1 Lesson 1 Life Analogies.docx Life Analogies Assignment Information.docx Life Analogies Assignment.pdf
​Your Ideal Job Posting M1 Lesson 2 Job Postings.docx Job Postings Assignment Information.docx Job Postings Assignment.docx
​Following Passions? M1 Lesson 3 Following Passions.docx Passions Discussion.docx
​First Impressions M1 Lesson 4 First Impressions.docx First Impressions Assignment.docx
​Communication Skills ​​M1 Lesson 5 Communication Skills.docx Communication Skills Assignment.docx
Making Sense of Skills, Competencies and Characteristics  M1 Lesson 6 Skills and Competencies.docx Skills and Competencies Assignment.docx


myBlueprint Resources:

​​Activity ​.docx
​Communication Skills for the Workplace Communication Skills for the Workplace.docx
​Intro to Education Planner Intro to Education planner myBlueprint.docx
Who am I? Who Am I lesson myBlueprint.docx

The value of work in our lives, community and society can be viewed from diverse perspectives

SD71 Module 2 Resources:

​​Activity ​Lesson  ​Assignment ​Attachment
Perspectives on Work M2 Lesson 1 Perspectives on Work.docx Perspectives on Work Assignment.docx TEDTalk Worksheet.docx
Who am I, and How Does That Relate to Careers? M2 Lesson 2 Who Am I.docx Who Am I Assignment.docx
​Importance of Career Planning M2 Lesson 3 Importance of Career Planning.docx Career Planning Assignment.docx
​Valuing Volunteerism M2 Lesson 4 The Value of Volunteering.docx Volunteering Assignment.docx Volunteering Grants Discussion.docx
Learning Through Community Connections M2 Lesson 5 Learning Through Community Connections.docx Community Connections Assignment Information.docx Community Connections Assignment Sheet.docx

myBlueprint Resources:
​​Activity ​.docx
​Occupation Hunt myBlueprint Occupation Hunt - Grade 9 (myBlueprint).docx
​Novel Study Resume Novel Study Resume - Grade 9 (myBlueprint).docx
​Passion vs. No Passion Lesson ​​Passion vs no Passion lesson - Grade 9.docx


Achieving our learning goals requires effort and perseverance

SD71 Module 3 Resources:

​​Activity ​Lesson  ​Assignment ​Attachment
Revisiting Your Goals M3 Lesson 1 Revisiting Goals.docx Revisiting Goals Assignment.docx  
Different Routes to a Career Path M3 Lesson 2 Different Paths to a Career.docx Different Career Paths Assignment.docx Career Paths Assignment Sheet.docx
The Wondrous World of Post Secondary M3 Lesson 3 World of Post Secondary.docx Post Secondary Assignment Information.docx Post Secondary Options Assignment Sheet.docx
Forming a Graduation Plan M3 Lesson 4 Thinking About a Graduation Plan.docx Graduation Plan Assignment.docx
The Basics of Public Speaking M3 Lesson 5 Public Speaking.docx Public Speaking Assignment.docx
​Post Secondary Flip Book Lesson Plan​ Post Secondary Flip Book Lesson Plan.docx Post Secondary Flip Book.pdf
​Making (and Adjusting) a Graduation Plan Making a Graduation Plan.docx Making a Graduation Plan.pdf


​myBlueprint Resources:

​​Activity ​.docx
​Transitioning to High School  Transitioning to High School Activity myBlueprint .docx



Adapting to economic and labour market changes requires flexibility

SD71 Module 4 Reso​​urces:

​​Activity ​Lesson  ​Assignment ​Attachment
​The Impact of Businesses in the Community​ M4 Lesson 1 Impact of Businesses in the Community.docx Businesses in the Community Assignment Information.docx Businesses in the Community Assignment Sheet.docx
​What Occupations are in Demand in B.C.? M4 Lesson 2 Occupations in Demand .docx Occupations in Demand Assignment Information.docx Occupations in Demand Assignment Sheet.docx
Your Changing Career Path M4 Lesson 3 Your Changing Career Path.docx Changing Career Paths Assignment.docx Changing Career Paths Discussion.docx
Innovation Through Entrepreneurship M4 Lesson 4 Innovation Through Entrepreneurship.docx Entrepreneurship Assignment.docx Entrepreneurship Assignment Sheet.docx
Staying Safe at Work M4 Lesson 5 Staying Safe at Work.docx Staying Safe at Work Assignment.docx Hazard Recognition Worksheet.pdf
Staying Safe at Work Part 2 Workplace Safety Assignment Part 2.docx Worksafe Part 2 Attachment.pdf
​What's a Career Cluster?  Career Clusters Lesson Plan.pdf Career Clusters Activity Cut Outs.pdf

​​myBlueprint Resources:

​​Activity ​.docx
​Skilled Trades Lesson Plan Skilled Trades Lesson Plan - Grade 9 (myBlueprint).docx



Our career paths reflect the personal, community and educational choices we make

SD71 Module 5 Resources:

​​Activity ​Lesson  ​Assignment ​Attachment
Digital Citizenship M5 Lesson 1 Digital Citizenship.docx Digital Citizenship Assignment.docx
​Your Digital Footprint M5 Lesson 2 Your Digital Footprint.docx Digital Footprint Assignment Information.docx Digital Footprints Assignment Sheet.docx
​Investigating the Part Time Job Market M5 Lesson 3 Investigating the Part Time Job Market.docx Part Time Job Market Assignment Information.docx Part Time Job Assignment Sheet.docx
Building a Resume M5 Lesson 4 Building a Resume.docx Resume Assignment.docx
My Future Digital Profile M5 Lesson 5 My Future Digital Profile.docx My Future Digital Self Assignment Information.docx My Future Self Assignment Sheet.pdf

General Resources:

​​Activity ​Link
​Service Learning Toolkit Service learning toolkit.pdf
​WorkBC Grade 8-9 Service Learning Activity WorkBC Grade 8-9 Service Learning Activity.pdf



Putting it All Together - Connecting the CLE Experience

SD71 Resources:

​​Activity ​Lesson  ​Assignment ​Attachment
Connecting Through Core Competencies Core Competencies Reminder Lesson.docx Core Competencies Assignment Information.docx Core Competencies Assignment Sheet.pdf​​
Other Resources
Thank you to the Sooke teacher volunteers who worked hard to create these interdisciplinary lessons for all of the students and teachers in SD62.

Careers & English 9

2018 Lesson: Dr. Seuss

Dr Seuss – Gr 9-12 Careers Education


2018 Lesson: The Sea Devil, Short Story

2018 English & Careers 9_ ‘The Sea Devil’ Short Story _

2018 English & Careers 9_ ‘The Sea Devil’ Short Story

2018 English & careers 9_ Plot Profile Diagram _

2018 English & Careers 9_ Word & Concept Map

2018 English & Careers 9_ ‘The Sea Devil’ Conflict Placemat _

2018 English & Careers 9_ ‘The Sea Devil’ Reflection



2017 Lesson

2017 English & Careers 9 ‘Choices’ Poem



Careers & Science 9

2018 Lesson: Canadian Aquaculture

2018 Science & careers 9 – Teacher Materials

2018 Science & careers 9 – Student Materials

2018 Science & Careers 9_ Canadian Aquaculture


2017 Lesson

2017 Science & Careers Site C Dam   (Updated 2018 Lesson Coming)



Careers & Social Studies 9

2018 Lesson

2018 SS & Careers ‘The Secret Path’


2017 Lesson

2017 SS & Careers 9_ Persevering Through Time



Careers & Mathematics 9

2018 Lesson

2018 Math & Careers 9 – budget pay stubs


2017 Lesson

2017 Math & Careers