Grade 8 Careers Lessons (New)

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TedTalk Worksheet for Students:  TEDTalk Worksheet for Students.pdf

Reflecting on our preferences and skills helps us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals

SD71 Module 1 Resources:

​​Activity ​​Lesson ​​Assignment ​​Attachment
​​​​​Multiple Intelligences ​​​​​M1 Lesson 1 Multiple Intellgences.docx Multiple Intelligences Lesson - Grade 8.docx
​You and Your Strengths M1 Lesson 2 Learning Styles.docx Learning Styles Assignment.docx
​My Career, My Future M1 Lesson 3 My Career, My Future.docx My Career, My Future Assignment.docx
​What Skills do I Have? M1 Lesson 4 What Skills Do I Have.docx What Skills Do I (or Others) Have Assignment.docx  
​Alternative or extension Classroom Activity - Occupational Skills Balderdash Occupational Skills Assignment.docx Occupational Skills.pdf
​​Johari Window Self Assessment Lesson and Project​ M1 Lesson 5 The Johari Window.docx Johari Window Assignment.docx Johari Window Lesson Plan.pdf
​My Personality Bag Self Assessment Project​ My Personality Bag.docx My Personality Bag.pdf

​​myBlueprint Resources:

Activity ​.docx
​Education Planner Intro Activity / Worksheet Education Planner Intro Activity Worksheet - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
​Goal Setting Activity Goal setting activity - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
​How I View Myself Lesson How I View Myself Lesson - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
Multiple Intelligences Lesson​ Multiple Intelligences Lesson - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
Personality Activity Personality Activity myBlueprint - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx


The value of work in our lives, communities, and society can be viewed from diverse perspectives


SD71 Module 2 Resources:

Activity Lesson Assignment Attachment
​The Future of Careers M2 Lesson 1 The Future of Work.docx List of Careers for Part 1.docx The Future of Work Venn Diagram.docx
​The Value of Volunteerism M2 Lesson 2 The Value of Volunteerism.docx Volunteerism Research Assignment.docx
​Perspectives of Self and Others M2 Lesson 3 Perspectives of Self and Others.docx Johari Window for Self Assignment.docx
​Career Perspectives M2 Lesson 4 Career Perspectives.docx


Achieving our learning goals requires effort and perseverance

SD71 Module 3 Resources:

​​Activity ​​Lesson Assign​​ment ​​Attachment
​Decision Making ​​​M3 Lesson 1 Decision Making.docx Decision Making Assignment.docx
​​​Setting Goals ​​​M3 Lesson 2 Goal Setting.docx Goal Setting Assignment.docx
​Time Management M3 Lesson 3 Time Management.docx Time Management Assignment .docx
Networking and Mentorship for Beginners ​​​M3 Lesson 4 Networking and Mentorship for Beginners.docx Networking Assignment.docx

myBlueprint Resources:

​​Activity ​.docx
​Decision Making Process Decision Making Process lesson - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
Time Management Strategies Lesson Time Management Strategies lesson - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx


Adapting to economic and labour market changes requires flexibility
SD71 Module 4 Resources:​

​​​Activity ​​​Lesson ​​​Assignment ​​​Attachment
​​Professions, Jobs and Careers ​​​​M4 Lesson 1 Professions Jobs and Careers.docx Jobs, Professions and Careers Assignment.docx
​Career Clusters ​​​​M4 Lesson 2 Career Clusters.docx Career Clusters Headings.docx Career Clusters Careers.docx
​Expanding Your Career Vocabulary M4 Lesson 3 Expanding Your Career Vocabulary.docx
​Staying Safe at Work M4 Lesson 4 Staying Safe at Work.docx M4 Lesson 4 Staying Safe at Work Assignment.docx


myBlueprint Resources:

​​Activity ​.docx
​Jobs, Occupations and Careers Lesson Plan Jobs, Occupations, and Careers Lesson - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx


Our career paths reflect the personal, community, and educational choices we make

SD71 Module 5 Resources:

​​Activity ​​Lesson Assignment ​​Attachment
​Overcoming Life's Obstacles ​​​​M5 Lesson 1 Overcoming Life's Obstacles.docx M5 Lesson 1 Overcoming Life's Obstacles Assignment.docx Overcoming Life's Obstacles Assignment Sheet.docx
​Cyberbullying M5 Lesson 2 Cyberbullying.docx M5 Lesson 2 Cyberbullying Assignment.docx
​Being a Good Digital Citizen​ ​​​M5 Lesson 3 Being a Good Digital Citizen.docx M5 Lesson 3 Being a Good Digital Citizen Assignment Digital Footprint Assignment Sheet.pdf


​myBlueprint Resources:

​​Activity ​.docx
​Digital Citizenship Cyberbullying Lesson ​​Digital Citizenship Cyberbullying Lesson - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
Expectations Activity Expectations Activity - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
Famous Person Interview Activity Famous Person Interview Activity - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx
Overcoming Life Obstacles Activity ​​Overcoming Life Obstacles - Grade 8 (myBlueprint).docx


Cumulative Assignment - Synthesizing Your Career Education Research

SD71 Module 5 Resources:
​​Activity ​​Lesson Assignment ​​Attachment
Synthesizing Your CLE Research ​​​​M6 Lesson 1 Synthesizing Your CLE Research.docx M6 Lesson 1 Synthesizing Your CLE Research Assignment.docx  
Building Blocks of Core Competencies  ​​M6 Lesson 2 Core Competencies Review.docx M6 Lesson 2 Core Competencies Review Assignment.docx Core Competencies Review Assignment Sheet.pdf




Other Resources

Grade 8 Careers Education Lessons

Thank you Gina Capretta, Dunsmuir School SD62



Grades 6- 8 Assignment Overview : Scope and Sequence

Resource: 6- 8 Careers_Overview


Grade 8 Assignments Document

Grade 8 Assignments Overview



Grade 8: Resources for Assignments Above (4 Big Ideas)


1)  Self- Awareness Lesson  Resources: 

 Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling



2) Working with Others Lesson Resources:       


What-is-your-digital-footprint-Grade 8

Conflict_Resolution_Lesson Outline     &      Conflict_Resolution_Handouts


3) Career Knowledge and Awareness: 


Career Trek BC – Learning About Careers in BC That Interest You   &    Career Trek BC Rating Scale


4) Career Planning


NetworkingExercise    &   Networking